I thought the following letter from Wilfred Cardinal Napier OFM, Archbishop of Durban, in the 23 July 2011 issue of The Tablet was excellent.

Here it is below, with my emphases in bold and comments in red.

The new translation of the Mass

Robert Mickens’ articles on the International

Commission on English in the Liturgy (Icel),

the Holy See and the new English translation

of the Mass (18 June-2 July) as well as what

one reads in The Tablet week after week, lead

me to wonder, whatever happened to religious

faith and obedience in Europe? [and anywhere

else in the world, for that matter]  Have Catholics

in Europe gone totally cerebral and rational?

Is there nothing of the heart or the imagination?

Is there no room for humble submission

to the highest authority in the Church, the Holy

Father and those he chooses to work with him?

Our Christian ancestors in Jerusalem

showed a completely different faith when they

accepted with simple faith and obedience the

announcement by Peter and his close coworkers:

“It has pleased us and the Holy Spirit

to decree that this is what is to be believed and

observed by all who have become Disciples

of Jesus Christ.” Similarly our ancestors in

Corinth accepted without question Paul’s teaching:

“I have handed on to you what I myself

received; that on the night he was betrayed

Jesus did and said this.” In their simple faith

our ancestors in the faith never dreamed of

complaining, “we were not adequately consulted”.

Obviously they took Jesus’ words much

more seriously than we do: “You are Peter, and

upon this rock I will build my Church.”

I wonder which type of faith provides the

answer to the questions being asked by the

millions of young people as they search for

deeper meaning to life. My guess is that it is

the faith of humble obedience, the faith of the

heart and the imagination rather than that

of the brain and the reason which is constantly

contesting what the authorities are saying. My

feeling is that they are crying out for clear

leadership towards such a faith!

By the way, I too contested what the

Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) and

Discipline of the Sacraments was doing to Icel

until Liturgiam Authenticam came out under

the signature of Pope John Paul II. Thereafter

there was nothing to argue about. Comme le

prevoit had been superseded and replaced by

the same authority that had given it the force

of law.

+ Wilfrid Cardinal Napier OFM

Archbishop of Durban

[Source: http://www.thetablet.co.uk/pdf/5048]