Earlier in the week, Fr Chris Ryan posted about World Youth Day 2013, and posed some thoughtful questions about the place of WYD in ongoing youth ministry.  World Youth Day is undoubtedly one of the great legacies of Blessed John Paul II to the church.  But how do we incorporate it into the ongoing evangelisation of young people?  See the links below.  What do you think?

WYD Rio in 2 Years?  A Couple of Things to Think About

Pope Benedict XVI announced yesterday that the next World Youth Day will be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2013.  It will be the second time that WYD has been held in South America, as Buenos Aires hosted the second WYD in 1987.  As the demographic centre of Catholicism moves south, it is very exciting that the youth of the world will gather in Brazil in two years time. But it is only two years away.  At a practical level that means that Australian Di … Read More

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