I keep a little book in which I write things I’d like to blog about.  Time, energy and inclination all play their part, and this list of “possible posts” in my book is much longer than actual posts.  So I thought I might do a quick summary, and perhaps you might find something interesting!


Death of Fr Chris Sheehy

I’ve just read the homily given by Bishop Geoffrey Robinson for the funeral of Fr Christopher Sheehy of Sydney, Australia.  Fr Sheehy was the parish priest Rosebery in Sydney, and also the Judicial Vic­ar of the Regional Tribunal of Sydney (NSW and ACT) and director of the Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Syd­ney.   There are many things to take from the homily about the example of Fr Sheehy’s life, especially for someone like me who is preparing for marriage tribunal work.


Ever been called ‘pedantic?’ 

I have, so I was amused to read in the letters to Sydney’s Catholic Weekly from one correspondent:

“I recently wrote to an editor bemoaning the use of “different than,” when “different from,” or perhaps “different to,” would have been the correct expression.  The reply from the editor was “there is no need to be pedantic.”  In my turn I responded, paraphrasing my first-form English teacher (Mrs Elizabeth Mackintosh of beloved memory) – “without pedantry we would all be living in the Stone Age.  It is the pedants who enabled us to move from instinct to knowledge.”  Pedantry is merely the communication of up-dated information.”

Philip Sydenham, CW, July 31, 2011, p. 8


The blog

Since starting the blog I’ve been paying more attention to some of the things that are on other people’s blogs.  You may have noticed I’ve added a few things to the blog during the week – an attempt to make it a little interesting for those who come this way.  Let me know what you think: what you like and what you don’t, things you’d like to see.  Leave a comment below or use the “Contact me” button at the top of the page.   Stats: At the time of writing, the blog has had 939 hits.  The busiest day was yesterday with 105, averaging 57 per day.  I suppose that is something that interests bloggers.


The week ahead …

Some highlights of the week ahead:  on Monday I’ll join the Queenship of Mary Community for the celebration of their patronal feast day.  The Queenship of Mary is a new religious community “in the womb” here in Ottawa.  Hopefully by this time next year they will have moved further forward in the journey of receiving ecclesiastical recognition.  This is a necessarily slow process, as a new group has to demonstrate that there is something able to be recognised.  The Queenship currently number five women, and the community began in 2007.  They are currently making a novitiate year with the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary here in Ottawa.  Hopefully I’ll have some photos to share after Monday.  Next Saturday I will be the principal celebrant for the monthly pro-life Mass here in Ottawa.  We are praying – along for an end to abortion – for the establishment of a pro-life medical centre in Ottawa.  Details for the Mass here.


Pitter-patter of little feet …

A new little “Sharp” should be entering the world this week … a new nephew/niece for me (currently affectionately known as “the bump”).  Please pray for mum and bub, and dad of course!  and for a safe delivery.


A good weekend to all!