The following came in through the email, and I think its a good reminder that we need to make our views known to our members of parliament.


Dear Friends,

I’m writing to let you know that soon the electronic petition supporting marriage in its current form will come to a close. So far there’s 28,000 signatures on the petition, which is fantastic but we need to get a lot more before we arrange to have it tabled it in the Senate.

On August 24 MPs will be given the opportunity to speak in Parliament about the feedback they have received from their electorates on marriage. Myself and my colleagues like to table the petition around that time when the spotlight is on marriage.

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

1.      Go to

2.      Click on the man+wife4life box

3.      Sign the petition and send an e-mail off to your local politician (optional)

4.      Share it – let your friends know.

Please if you could promote this in the next 3 weeks we would appreciate it. You might want to ask your pastor if he or she would mention this at church.

Ron Boswell

Senator for Queensland

P.S. There is also a National Marriage Day Rally on the 16th of August at Parliament House. ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace will be among those speaking.  See


So why not take a couple of minutes and let your MP know what you think?