A group of young pro-lifers are in Ottawa this weekend.  See their schedule here.  They will pray outside the Bank St abortuary on Saturday morning (August 13th), and this will be followed by a rally on Parliament hill at noon.

I was thinking of going, but my mind was made up to definitely attend after reading of their embarrassing encounter of initially being denied entry to a Catholic Church in Quebec because they were wearing shirts that displayed the words “Pro Life.”  That they had to “plead” with a priest to be allowed in to make a visit to pray is something that I find absolutely astounding.  Read about their experience in their own words here and here.  [The latter link refers to the LifeSiteNews report].  We’ve reached a sorry point when the words “pro life” are too objectionable to be seen in a Catholic Church.

This morning I joined the pray-ers at Bank Street.  See the Helpers’ August schedule here.   Through our prayers and our presence we hope that the Lord’s infinite love will touch the hearts of those contemplating abortion so that the lives of babies may be saved, and that women and men may be spared the pain and suffering that abortion brings.  Blessed John Paul II wrote,

“Then there are the sufferings of consciences as a result of sin, which has wounded the woman’s human or maternal dignity: the wounds of consciences which do not heal easily.  With these sufferings too we must place ourselves at the foot of the Cross.” (Mulieris Dignitatem, On the dignity and vocation of women, n. 19)

Those members of the faithful who are leading the pro-life cause and standing up for the rights of the unborn deserve our support and prayers.