I always thought blogging looked a little difficult, so I’m surprised how user-friendly the software is: particularly for a techno-phobe like me.  Maybe I’m inching closer to working some of those other technological gadgets my friends are always talking about.  But, there’s no need to rush these things.

The blog is starting to take some shape, even just after a couple of days.  The categories menu probably gives some idea about the sorts of things I may be posting:

  • COMINGS AND GOINGS:  for those interested in some of things I actually do.  Some people think that priests only work on Sundays!  Most know better than that, of course.  We work at least one other day apart from that!  I’ll never forget one day when I went to bring the altar servers from the school over the road to the church, and one of the servers was genuinely surprised to see me on a weekday, and in the middle of the day.  He said with quite a puzzled look, “What are you doing here on a Wednesday? I thought you’d be watching television!”  Of course, that’s all I do all day long … watch television.
  • HOMILIES AND REFLECTIONS:  I hesitate slightly in putting my humble offerings up for the whole world to see.  But for those who can gain something from what I have to say, and for those who want to read them, there they are.  There aren’t many new thoughts under the sun, so I hereby implicitly acknowledge the various sources and authors I look at, even if I neglect to explicitly mention them in the text.
  • PRAYER PETITIONS AND THANKSGIVINGS:  There are always plenty of things to pray for and to give thanks to God for.  This category will allow me to share some of the things that are in my prayer at the current time.
  • LOOKING TO GIVE ALMS?  I came upon this heading this morning on another blog and would you believe it, just in the previous few hours I had been looking to do just that!  There are lots of causes that need our support – prayerful and financial.  This category will allow me to present some of those to you, and sometimes (like me this morning) you might just be looking for a good cause to contribute to.
  • “NEW LIFE” IN RELIGIOUS LIFE:  For many years, one of my prayers has been for a re-flourishing of Religious Life, especially in Australia, but all through the world.  The Holy Spirit is always at work, reforming the church and raising up holy men and women, giving them new charismatic gifts for the work of evangelisation.  Existing religious orders and congregations need ongoing renewal and sometimes reform, and the Spirit raises up new congregations and groups.  This category will allow me to share some of these signs of new life that can be witnessed all through the church.

Anyway, I hope those who come this way may find something edifying.

And in all things may God be glorified!